Spring! Even better in midlife?

Spring is better in midlife

Spring at last!

I looked out my window this morning and noticed a light green halo around the trees in my yard that only yesterday were dark and barren.

Yesterday was the first really warm day of spring here, following a lovely hopeful day before it.  Before that it had been an unusually cold and wet April.

Clearly, the trees were just as anxious to get on with spring as us winter-weary humans!

Ahhh, spring!  The most welcome and optimistic of seasons.  Spring, when we throw off the dark cloaks of winter hibernation and emerge from our burrows.  Instead of scurrying to protective vehicles and on to another warm shelter, we actually linger outside, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the warm sunlight on our newly exposed skin and the gentle breezes on our up-turned faces. Stopping to talk to neighbours we haven’t seen in months, except perhaps passing in an snow-splattered car.

And the best part of spring is knowing this is just the start.  Things will only get better from here as we meander to the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Spring better appreciated in middle age?

But I wonder, is spring even better experienced in midlife?  As I’ve commented before, there is a commonly experienced low in life-satisfaction for many people as we hit the midlife years.  By this point we have been battered by life’s turbulence so much, and perhaps our reserves of resilience have ebbed low.  We’ve (hopefully) experienced many of life’s highs, but perhaps the losses are becoming our more frequent companions.

So, it is perhaps at this time of life that the joy of new life, the warmth and bright colours of a new season, the promise of better times ahead; are all so much better appreciated.

In youth, spring is just part of the year’s cycle that we’re still getting used to.  And so many new experiences are coming at you anyway, that this regular season change may be taken for granted.

But this regular, predictable shift into a better world may be just the stability tonic needed by world-weary, change-weary mid lifers.

Ahh spring!  Thank God you’re back!

A writer, actor, singer, private pilot and keen traveller. Formerly in banking industry in various head office roles including data analytics and risk management. Love music, art, theatre, film, food and experiencing new places.


  1. Karen
    May 3, 2018

    hmmm- interesting, never thought of it this way. But yes, I did’ take it for granted when I was a kid for sure!

  2. Suzanne
    May 3, 2018

    I’m glad to hear that spring finally arrived in middle Canada. My tulips are almost past it!!

  3. Mary Jo Martin
    May 14, 2018

    My favorite thing to do in the spring is visit my local nursery and wander around taking in all the petunias and gardenias and pansies. The colors and the smells can lift my spirits anytime I’m in a slump. I never used to have time for this, so I think you’re right that midlife is the time to appreciate spring.

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