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Interesting reading for midlife readers

Some interesting articles I stumbled upon this week

Ahhh... a long weekend.  Sometimes the best thing on a holiday weekend is to curl up with some good reading - especially when it's still early spring and so cool and rainy outside.  Below are some articles on other sites I thought might be of interest to more than just me.  And if none of these pull you in, maybe one of my own stories would pull you in.  Check them out under the "Stories" tab above and choose Fiction or Memoirs category. 

Have a great long weekend and a happy Easter!

As I am in exactly the situation the author describes (aging parents with dementia in expensive care homes) I found this article about the social impacts of high elder care costs quite interesting.

I'm guilty of this - the author claims we tend to overestimate the pleasure of new experiences.

Ice fishermen can go snowblind. Welders suffer arc eye. Ships’ lookouts hallucinate. Academics develop myopia. And texters—call it an avocation—have blurred vision.

The tools we use to help us think—from language to smartphones—may be part of thought itself.

Nothing grabs you?  Try one of my own fictional short stories.

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