In Mid Life - Right way to travel in Europe - picture of Milan

Two ways to travel

Backpacking through Europe  My wife Katherine and I scurried across the piazza between the two tiny rail stations in Tirano, Italy.  I had my convertible backpack-style suitcase slung on my back, while Katherine pulled her wheeled version behind her over the cobblestones.  We’d learned there are two ways to travel through Europe – light...

Neuschwanstein Castle in morning light.


As I trudged along the trail climbing up the steep hillside through dense forest, I wondered how much longer until we see it? We had taken the shuttle bus up to avoid the long climb on the road. So why would they drop us so far away? Anticipation grew. The trail crossed a mountain...

European middle aged style

European middle aged style

I recently landed in a European city and was enjoying the rush of experiencing the new and different that one always feels when travelling to new places. My diary entry for that first weekend included this phrase: "never have I seen so many stylish middle-aged people." Okay, so stating that Europeans can be stylish is...

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