Newfoundland village by the coast

Cards ‘n Screech – fiction

From a long way away, through a dense fog, Danny slowly became aware of an annoying, tense, hammering noise, somewhat like that of a woodpecker at work; not quite as fast, but more threatening and insistent. His loose arm stirred itself and wiped across his upside ear as if it could swat away the...

Midlife dark room

The Black Room – Fiction

Terry dropped the suitcase and juggled the grocery bags so that he could push the 7 on the elevator panel. “Hey, careful with that!” exclaimed Julie. “I’ve got some delicate things in there.” “You do?” said Terry with surprise. “What delicate things could you possibly bring on a weekend trip?” “Never you mind,” replied...

midlife canoe by lake

The path not taken – fiction

“A friggin flat-screen TV! Unbelievable,” Ben muttered to himself as he stood staring at the modern device attached to the stylishly grey wall at the far end of the rented cottage. Below the tv stood an Ikea shelving unit bearing a satellite tv receiver, Blu-ray player and stacks of movie DVDs and Blu-rays. All...

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