In Mid Life - Right way to travel in Europe - picture of Milan

Two ways to travel

Backpacking through Europe  My wife Katherine and I scurried across the piazza between the two tiny rail stations in Tirano, Italy.  I had my convertible backpack-style suitcase slung on my back, while Katherine pulled her wheeled version behind her over the cobblestones.  We’d learned there are two ways to travel through Europe – light...

Midlife memories of farm visits

The Allure of the Farm

This story was originally published in the Warrior Writers publication on Graham loved their visits to the farm. He didn’t know why his mother was friends with the old couple who lived there. Nor did he know the back-story of how his mother had first met Mrs. Simpson in town and exchanged pleasantries,...

Newfoundland village by the coast

Cards ‘n Screech – fiction

From a long way away, through a dense fog, Danny slowly became aware of an annoying, tense, hammering noise, somewhat like that of a woodpecker at work; not quite as fast, but more threatening and insistent. His loose arm stirred itself and wiped across his upside ear as if it could swat away the...

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