Big life changes don't mean you're in midlife crisis

Turning vegan or training for a marathon doesn’t mean you’re in a midlife crisis

A recent headline caught my eye.  “Turning vegan, signing up for a ‘Tough Mudder’ or training to run a marathon? You’re experiencing a midlife crisis, reveals new survey” blared the headline in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.  What nonsense!  Making big life changes in midlife does not necessarily mean you’re in a midlife crisis....

Midlife memories of farm visits

The Allure of the Farm

This story was originally published in the Warrior Writers publication on Graham loved their visits to the farm. He didn’t know why his mother was friends with the old couple who lived there. Nor did he know the back-story of how his mother had first met Mrs. Simpson in town and exchanged pleasantries,...

Happiness Equation book cover

The Happiness Equation – Book review

I’m generally pretty skeptical about best-selling self-help books but this one is different.  “The Happiness Equation:  Want Nothing + Do Anything = Have Everything” by Neil Pasricha is organized into nine sections outlining the 9 “Secrets to happiness” that Pasricha has discerned.  As a former Leadership Development Director and coach to CEO’s, Pasricha (author...

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