Big life changes don't mean you're in midlife crisis

Turning vegan or training for a marathon doesn’t mean you’re in a midlife crisis

A recent headline caught my eye.  “Turning vegan, signing up for a ‘Tough Mudder’ or training to run a marathon? You’re experiencing a midlife crisis, reveals new survey” blared the headline in the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.  What nonsense!  Making big life changes in midlife does not necessarily mean you’re in a midlife crisis....

exercise fitness dementia

Fitness, exercise and dementia – women who exercise reduce dementia risk

Exercise, fitness and dementia – are they linked?  A recent study supports earlier research which indicates you can cut your risk of getting dementia (of which Alzheimer’s is the leading type) in old age through regular exercise. The long-term study conducted over 44 years by researchers at the University of Gothenburg had some interesting findings:...

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