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Welcome to In Mid Life!

Welcome to In Mid Life!  Thanks for dropping in.

Here you'll find discussion of issues and concerns related to the middle-aged, midlife experience.  Issues such as:

  • midlife crisis
  • dealing with teenagers and twenty-something offspring
  • empty nesters
  • caring for aging parents
  • layoffs and second careers
  • early retirement
  • divorce
  • relationships
  • developing new interests and finding new paths, etc.

I'm Quentin Andrews

Quentin Andrews by lighthouse

I'm a midlifer and I've experienced a number of those big mid-life events so I can relate to others in these situations.  I've been divorced, had to deal with teenaged kids living with an ex, have dealt with midlife boredom with career and early layoff, and trying to find a new path in life.

I'm fortunate to have elderly parents still alive but my mother has been beset with the ravages of Alzheimer's disease.  That has had a profound effect on me - and is something that other mid lifers struggle with as well.  It also tends to make us contemplate our own mortality and health, particularly brain health.  These are issues I plan to explore more here.

Why In Mid Life?

There are millions of blogs on the internet and social media gives people lots of ways to connect.  But I've found that most of these sources are oriented to younger folks.  What's missing is a place where established, experienced folks (middle-aged) can find and discuss issues of relevance to them.

News and stories

I also plan to highlight news I think may be of interest to midlifers.  As well, I'm going to occasionally publish some longer form writing - writing that may not really suit a blog post - in the 'Stories' section. Both some memoir-type writing and some fiction.  You can find these in the "Stories" category link above.  As they come from a midlife perspective I hope they may be of interest to you.


Along the way, under each of the categories I've chosen to explore, I've discovered some cool products that made life easier or better.  So in the hopes they might do the same for you, I'll also highlight them under the "Recommendations" category.

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If you like, you can comment on the entries here. You can also sign up for emails advising of new content that's been posted.  I promise not to flood your inbox, and your information won't be shared.

So, welcome!  I'll hope you'll find the content here of interest.  And I look forward to hearing from you.

Quentin Andrews

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