Are you ready for midlife?

Midlife is a time of change underlined with urgency because, deep down you know, this could be your last chance to make meaningful change in your life's direction.

Just some of the topics we cover...


Many midlifers experience layoffs and forced early retirement, or are bored with their career and yearn for something new.  In either case, they're searching for renewed purpose in their lives.

Empty nesters

The children have grown and left the nest and now we're left with an empty feeling, as well as an empty house.

Happiness and midlife crisis

Unfortunately crisis seems synonymous with midlife, but does it have to be?  How can we put true happiness back in our lives?

Caring for aging parents

No sooner are we through caring for young children, but we may find we have to take on an uncomfortably similar role with our parents.  Age related illnesses like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's only complicate matters.

Midlife is the time to take charge of your life's direction and take on new challenges.

By midlifers for midlifers

In Mid Life is all about the midlife experience.  Helping people deal with the challenges while providing inspiration from the stories of those who are living midlife to the max.

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